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A Repository of Anthems

This is a repository of anthems in the public domain. Bach, Mozart, Beethoven, Haydn, Mendelssohn, Tchaikovsky, Palestrina and Schutz are seldom sung nowadays. Choir members find it difficult to learn their parts. Conductors and Pianists spend hours of rehearsals just playing sectional parts note-by-note. And when they finally learn their notes, they have difficulty putting them together and worse, they won't have time anymore to learn proper interpretation.

This site aims to help the Conductors and Choir Members alike by providing you with sectional recordings of the anthems composed by the masters. Not only do we provide you with mp3's of your voice parts, we also provide you with background sound of all the other voices. This is so that the ear may get used to them while the voice sings its proper notes. We also provide you with a clear copy of each anthem for your choir need.

For those who are new to the internet - click on the songs that you like and click play on the player of the parts you sing. For example, if you are a Soprano, click on the word Anthems on top left of the page, click Rehearsal Parts, the title of the song, then Soprano. If you'd like to download the piece for the song, click on Anthems, Music Sheets, the composer's name and title of the song, then click on the PDF File.


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